PPP Center offers consultations to entrepreneurs at Public Service Center

In East Kazakhstan region the first full-fledged Public Service Center starts up on the basis of functional joint Public Service Center of “DAMU” Entrepreneurship Development Fund” JSC and Chamber of entrepreneurs of East Kazakhstan region.

Experts of “Public-Private Partnership Center of East Kazakhstan Region” JSC (further - PPP Center) offers consultations to entrepreneurs on the issue of preparation of public-private partnership projects in the East Kazakhstan region, and also performs:

• Economical expertise of business plans of local budget invested projects as well as projects planned to be financed through targeted transfers from state budget and loans from the state budget;

• Economical expertise for financial feasibility of budget invested projects

• Preparation of business plan of concession projects;

• Attraction of foreign and domestic investors for concession projects;

• Organization of seminars, round tables, conferences and other events related to public-private partnership;

• Studies on planning and implementation of investment projects.