Experts of the PPP Regional center of the East Kazakhstan region increase the qualification

In PPP center of Ust-Kamenogorsk, the European Union Project “Regional development of Kazakhstan” holds corporate seminar-trainings in February. Members of the audience are specialists of “Regional center of public-private partnership of the East Kazakhstan region” JSC.

With support of Project, there are holding seminars on two main actual themes: “Public-private partnership in social sphere: PPP foundations, PPP life cycle, PPP lesson learned” and “Attracting investment: general foundations, tools of attracting investment”. These themes of seminars chose PPP Center basis of local development problems analysis, in help of establishment of investors" contact. The Chairman of the board of “Regional center of public-private partnership of the East Kazakhstan region” JSC Masakova A.S., provided input in holding seminars as knows better the problems of PPP progress in our region.

The lector was international expert of the EU project “Regional development of Kazakhstan” in spheres of economy, administration and entrepreneurial development, Pierre Yves Lukas (France). Mr. Lukas worked in East Kazakhstan region three weeks. Meanwhile, audience took a close look at each theme. For our experts, it is interesting to know the opinion of the international specialist about our country, his views on regional development, and about opportunities of making the business and realization of business projects for foreign investors in the PPP sphere.

Our specialists should take on board the lecture course of investment policy and in further promotion concession projects, have in mind the long-term international experience of attracting investment. Up to date the competition announced to the projects “Construction and cooperation of the kindergartens in Ust-Kamenogorsk and Semey cities”, making business with investors. In advance, the other interesting concession projects are waiting.