International investment forum «Altay Agro Invest-2015» took place in East Kazakhstan region

About 70 investors and diplomats from 13 countries participated in international investment forum on December 10, 2015. The advantages and high potential of the region in sphere of agriculture was shown to the guests.

More than 100 guests came to participate in this forum. Among them representatives from Kazakhstan, Russia, China, France, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Mongolia, Brazil, Canada, India, Switzerland, Israel, UAE.

The great exhibition met the participants, presented the best investment projects in agro-industrial complex, concession projects of the East Kazakhstan.

In the context of this forum, the round-table was organized at technological park «Altay» for the purpose of investments attraction. At this round-table the Chairman of the Board of the «Regional center of the public-private partnership of the East Kazakhstan region» JSC Shakarym Buktugutov Sabyrovich presented the concession projects of the East Kazakhstan region. Now in East Kazakhstan region in active progress the work by concession projects in sphere of healthcare, transport and education.